Introducing Monster Lake

Experience the spirit of the American West by visiting Monster Lake Ranch, located 15 minutes south of Cody Wyoming. This 10,000-acre ranch is a premier fly fishing destination home to trophy Rainbow, Brown, Cutthroat, Brook and Tiger Trout. If you want big trout that pull hard, Monster lake will not disappoint.

The largest trout I have caught was a brown trout that measured over 30 inches in length and had shoulders so wide that he could have been drafted as an NFL linebacker. Its body had 4 flies still attached that had broken off when previous anglers attempted to bring him in. I removed three of the flies, plus my own from this behemoth, before he jumped out of my hands to escape back into to the deep. He is still there, waiting for you to find him.

Nice accommodations including cabins, some with kitchens, are available at the lake. Dining is also available at the ranch if you are too tired from catching fish to go into town. RV hook ups are also available. Electric motored boats or pontoon boats are the best way to fish Monster Lake. I would recommend 0X leaders and 1X tippets. And yes, even though I used these sizes during the epic traveling sedge hatch in June, I still experienced breakoffs!

Check out my new video introducing Monster Lake:

Monster Lake has become one of my favorite fly fishing destinations. Well named, Monster Lake provides the fly fishing angler an extraordinary adventure that will test your angling skills. You may hire a guide or head out on your own. Contact me if you have any questions.

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Here is a blog entry from a previous trip I made to Monster Lake in May, 2018:
Fishing at Monster Lake

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