Author: Vickie Loftus

Adjusting to Changing Conditions

My first day was epic as I landed thirty-one 18 to 20-inch trout in the afternoon. On the second day, I was so eager to get back on the water, I forgot the most important factor an angler must consider

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What’s more important: fly or presentation?

Most anglers believe selecting the appropriate fly pattern is the key factor to catching fish. When fellow anglers see me on the water their first question is always “what fly are you using?” In order to catch fish consistently, is

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Water Temperature

What is the most essential tool you should never be without when stillwater fishing, the one item that directs your choice of line, where and when you fish, your presentation approach, retrieve styles, and fly selection? Hint: one tool answers

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Wintry Conditions

Water temperature is one of the major factors affecting fish feeding behavior and will dictate the best type of presentation. Why is this so important for being able to catch fish? In winter conditions when the water temperature is below

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Keep on moving, baby!

The need to feed is the driving force that makes trout willing to move away from the safety of protective cover. Feeding trout are constantly on the move seeking food. When there are no visual cues and you’re not getting

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Welcome to!

This blog will describe stillwater fly fishing techniques which you can immediately put to use and that are effective in landing trout. Join me in my adventures on stillwater as I travel across the country fishing various lakes. Share the

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