Author: Vickie Loftus

Vickie’s New UV-Midge Pupae Pattern

The one fly that you can use year-round! Sneak Preview I am excited to share a sneak peak of a new midge pupae pattern I have been testing over the past few years. Let’s hope that the team of fly

Line Selection for Stillwater

Since my last blog posting I have received several questions regarding line selection from readers that may be of key interest to many stillwater anglers. I will continue this dialogue by posting those questions here so that others will also

Floating Sink Tip Lines Q & A

Introduction: Thank you for your interest in this blog! I hope it is helpful to many people interested in getting into and improving their stillwater fly fishing skills. I was happy to recently receive an email from a reader containing

Gone Fishin’

Hi, fellow anglers! I’m heading out in search of monster fish in Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Oregon, California, and Nevada. So I’ll doing more angling than writing until snow forces me back indoors. So my next blog entry won’t be until

Tips that will increase your success on stillwater

Want to know how to increase your productivity in stillwater? The following tips provide a short summary of tactics I have found to be critical to success in fishing lakes. These tactics are unique to stillwater environments. Try these yourself

Choosing the Right Fly

How do you decide what fly to use? In the past, choosing which fly to tie on always presented me with a quandary. I would fill my fly boxes to overflowing with flies of every size, color, pattern and shape

Hook ups and Landings…may the odds be ever in your favor!

I remember my first experience catching large fish years ago at Monster Lake in Wyoming. It was a day filled with broken tippets, unbuttoned fish, and fish weeding me and breaking off my fly. The fish schooled me that day!

Selecting the Perfect Fly

Fly selection is driven by tradition, long held beliefs, personal preferences, and experience. My fly box overflows with patterns that hold promise of catching that 10-pound behemoth. The theories for fly selection have crystallized into universally accepted guidelines repeated by

What Trout See

A recent April spring afternoon left me in a state of pure bliss: I had landed 28 trout during an explosive bite. Wanting to determine if the nonstop action would be impacted by the color of the fly, I tested

A Beautiful Spring Day

Today we enjoyed a beautiful day of early spring fishing. The views were gorgeous. On the way, we had amazing views of Mt. Hood and Mt. Adams: When we arrived at our lake it was calm and glassy at first: