© 2018 Stillwater Adventures. All rights reservedImagine hooking a giant fish that bends your rod in half. Feel your heart pound in your chest as the trout tests your rod and tackle’s ability to survive the pressure of the fight and ultimately win the battle. Hear the splash of water as the trout leaps in the air fighting with all its might, doing everything in its power to avoid capture. The experience of landing a trophy trout will be burned into your memory and relived over and over as you recall the satisfaction of landing such a remarkable fish. To catch trophy trout like this, anglers must fish lakes where trophy trout live.

© 2018 Stillwater Adventures. All rights reservedOver the years I have developed my favorite list of lakes for their remarkable trophy size trout. My favorite lakes in Oregon are Pronghorn Lake and Hyde Lake, and Guild Ranch Reservoir and Monster Lake in Wyoming.

© 2018 Stillwater Adventures. All rights reservedAll these lakes can easily be fished from a pontoon boat or boat with an electric motor. They all are strictly catch and release and allow only artificial flies with barbless hooks. These lakes do not require a fishing license as they are pay for play.

In my next four blog articles, I will provide a description of each of these locations and brief suggestions on how to fish them. After you learn about them, I suspect you will want to call up your fishing buddies and include these lakes in your next year’s fishing plans!

© 2018 Stillwater Adventures. All rights reservedI will soon post a schedule for hosted trips to these lakes. I invite you to add these dates to your schedule, bring your buddies and join me!

Watch for the 2019 Hosted trip schedule!




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