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Vickie’s Burnt Orange Predator Bugger

I have found movement to be the most important factor in triggering a reaction from opportunistic trout. When creating my Predator Bugger, the design and materials I chose work in harmony to maximize movement whether the fly is retrieved or trolled.

Trout caught on Black Predator Bugger

The soft oversized grizzly head hackle, the marabou tail, and the grizzly nymph saddle work in concert to enhance the fly’s movement.

To increase visability, I integrated UV materials in the body and tail, as well as added my signature flash at the head. The combination of all these elements produced a bugger pattern that has proven extremely productive all year long.

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Trout caught on Burnt Orange Predator Bugger

During the warmer months, I use this pattern early morning before the sun warms the water temperature and triggers hatches. Once I see signs of feeding fish (e.g. rings), I switch to any one of my pupa patterns (e.g. UV Midge Pupa, UV Emerger, All Purpose Nymph, and Grizzly Bug).

I have found the Burnt Orange Predator Bugger effective when prospecting for trout all year round.

This weighted pattern comes in six color variations: Black, Dark Olive, Burnt Orange, Burgundy, White, and Yellow. It is available in #8 or #10 size hook.

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