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Vickie’s Olive UV Midge

My UV Midge has succesfuly enticed trout everywhere I have fished it, proving it is a pattern that works.

Trout caught using my Olive UV Midge

It has been estimated there are 700 of species of midges in North America. Here is one example, an olive adult midge.

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Olive Adult Midge

As water temperatures increase this summer, I have found trout prefer smaller sized hooks (e.g. #12 or #14). Stock your fly box with smaller size midge patterns during the summer and fall. I will wait until early next spring to pull out my #10 size midge patterns.

My UV Midge is available in four colors. Click here to learn more about how to fish it.

I just fished Hyde Lake in southern Oregon two days ago. Here’s a video of one of the trophy trout I landed using my Olive UV Midge.

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