Pupa Pattern: All Purpose Nymph

On my recent fishing trips, I have observed lakes filled with aquatic insects undergoing transition to their adult form. Damselflies have been particularly abundant. Trout are gorging on vulnerable damsel nymphs working their way horizontally through the water toward the shorelines to transform into their adult stage. If a trout is lucky, it may also occasionally score a flying adult damselfly flying too close to the surface. 

Damselfly Nymph

Discarded shuck of a damselfly nymph

I have been productive trolling my All-Purpose Nymph with the Cortland Hover line. This line maintains the fly just inches below the surface. It does not create surface disturbance and the line’s brown color minimizes the sun’s reflection which can spook trout. The line is particularity effective along the shallow shoreline edges where the trout are lying in wait for the emerging damsels.

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Vickie’s Olive AP Nymph

Trout caught on my Olive AP Nymph

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