Streamer Pattern: Vickie’s Predator Minnow

I have been having a kick of a time fishing my Predator Minnow since late spring. Minnows start spawning in the late spring and can be easily observed in large numbers along shallow shorelines of lakes and streams. Fishing my Predator Minnow patterns during early morning hours before the sun hits the water has been a hoot and holler, especially when I have hooked a fish on every cast. Trout love my Predator Minnow in the wee hours, and bass will devour it during the hot midday sun.


Fish love these tasty bites of protein

Vickie’s Dark Olive Predator Minnow

Teeming minnows in the shallows near shore

Minnows are members of the largest family of vertebrates with over 2000 species according to A Guide to Freshwater Fishes of Oregon, by Douglas Markle (2016, OSU Press). They comprise an important part of fishes’ diet, so having minnow patterns available in your arsenal enables you to transform an average day into a spectacularly fun and productive day on the water. Minnows attract multiple species including trout and warm water species such as bass, blue gill, and crappie.

Trout caught with my Gray Predator Minnow

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Vickie’s Gray Predator Minnow

Bass caught with Brown Predator Minnow

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Vickie’s Brown Predator Minnow

I also find the Predator Minnow productive in the fall. Tiger and brown trout spawn in the fall, and I have had great success fishing my Predator Minnow close to shoreline edges to catch them.

Spawning tiger trout caught on Predator Minnow in the fall

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Vickie’s Yellow Predator Minnow

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