Crabtree Pond, Oregon Fishing Club

The shorter November days, cooler water temperatures, and welcome rain offered some great fishing opportunities for anglers with the patience and endurance to withstand frigid water temperatures of 43-47 degrees, F.

Caught on Vickie’s Gray Predator Minnow at Crabtree

I was lucky to land some large trout fishing at Oregon Fishing Club lakes. Feeding time has moved to late morning and lasts for a few hours.

Vickie’s Gray Predator Minnow

Trout feeding behavior has adjusted to the cooling water temperatures. Their metabolism is beginning to slow down to conserve energy. Though trout are still eating, they feed less frequently. They now respond best to slow retrieves and take the fly on the pause while it is dropping.

To improve your chances, keep moving and cover lots of water as cold water temperatures cause trout to scatter. In shallow lakes, fish the top 5 feet in the water column. The bottom of the lake has no oxygen. This is due to a layer of carbon dioxide generated by the decomposition of aquatic plants.

27” Trout caught on Vickie’s Burnt Orange Grizzly Bug at Turner Lake, Oregon Fishing Club
Vickie’s Burnt Orange Grizzly Bug

During the winter, trout will continue hold at a depth which provides both adequate oxygen and a comfortable water temperature. As the top layer of the water column continues to cool and potentially freeze, trout will stratify in a thermocline layer where there is adequate oxygen. While the depth varies due to location and habitat, it is approximately six feet below the surface.

Winter Fishing Opportunities: Wilder Lake, Dundee Oregon

Wilder Lake, a private lake located in Dundee, Oregon was stocked this fall with 5-pound Kamloops and makes for excellent fishing. This 8-acre lake is a short 45 minutes from Portland. Nestled in wine country, this private lake offers a beautiful setting for anglers and includes a covered gazebo with picnic tables. If you’re ready to have a have a wonderful day fishing in a spectacular setting, Wilder Lake offers is a nice destination. It is perfect for float tubes as shoreline fishing is limited. The lake normally does not freeze up and is sheltered from strong winds.

I find February and March are the best months to fish here. Let me know if you have any questions about this lake. If you are new to fly fishing, I can provide instruction, tackle, boats, and gear to get you on the water.
If interested call or send me an email or text at

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