Vickie’s Flies 

Vickie’s Fly Fishing Patterns

For the last six years I have been rigorously field testing and perfecting fly-fishing patterns of my own design. These proven fly patterns will soon be available to you through my new retail web site. I will release an article for each of the new patterns which contain valuable information on how to fish each of these patterns to increase your fly-fishing success.

Want to learn about how these flies were developed and tested? Click here to read What’s coming to Stillwater Adventures? A new series of stillwater fly patterns.

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Vickie’s Grizzly Bug

Vickie’s Predator Bugger

Vickie’s UV Midge

Vickie’s All-Purpose Nymph

Vickie’s UV Emerger

Vickie’s UV Midge Pupa

Vickie’s Predator Leech

Vickie’s Predator Minnow